Students move their magnets on the door when buying lunch in the morning & when they leave the room


Students store all textbooks in these cubbies to leave room in our desks. 


Students are placed in 3 groups of 7 regular desks and switch seats once a month

reading nook

we have flexible seating and I created this corner to be a cozy section where students can work.

Student cener

students turn in homework here and are able to get absent work and math help!

teacher area

Got rid of my desk and only have a computer area and small group table. 

cozy corner

more flexible seating, a bean bag and small desk with a dry erase top!

floor seating

I also have 12 floor desks and make this priority seating only!

cafe table

Another flexible seating option.  I got this guy from amazon and the pub chair from Ikea

Student work

I use my cabinet doors to showcase seasonal work.



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