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welcome to the tales of teaching podcast

The podcast where you will hear teacher stories, get lesson ideas and become inspired to bring what you love most to your classroom. Learn to give it your all, as well as remember we're all in this together. 


Did you know there is a website students

Teaching with podcasts

Curious how to use podcasts in the classroom? Well then this one is for you!


Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

I discuss what I am excited about, and what I am ready to leave behind.


What I learned from my First year

I tell the good, the bad and the ugly of my first year to give hope to others that feel stressed 



I'm Haylee Harwick! Just a SoCal teacher with with a love for collaborating with others. Starbucks obsessed, bargain shopper with a love for turning the ordinary to extraordinary. 

I'm just a girl who wants to root for all teachers who are just killing it out there! We all have our strengths, and therefore I believe we can always learn more from one another.   

Want to shoutout a teacher who is just killing the game for our next episode?


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