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How to Use iMovie to Make a Slideshow

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Short post today! I wrote a tiny bit about this in my virtual EOY post, but got so many people asking how I make my slideshows, So I made a video to help! Below If you click the link below you can watch and learn for yourself. I personally love this medium for two reasons. One being that I am a mac user, and two being that it is SO user friendly. All you have to do is click and drag everything into action! Below you can see music used this year and in the past if you are stuck on clean, good versions of songs.

Music used in the past

*music used this year

+ Future Looks Good on You-OneRepublic *warning I always clip out one bad word***

+Short clip of The Middle (Because they're going to middle school)- GREY, Maren Morris and Zedd

+ Recording of my Kids signing our morning song (add a video, detach audio and delete the video!)***

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How can you add music to iMovie? Do you have to use purchased songs from iTunes or do you get them from somewhere else?

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