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Summer Book Club

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Hello teacher friends! If you have been following my stories at the moment, then you may have seen me post about my plans for this summer. I am planning to do a summer book club with my class as a way to promote reading during the summer and just connect with them more as our year was cut short. I had SO many questions about it, so I thought I would lay it out here.

First of all, I am making this ZERO work based for both myself and the kids. It is agreed we all need a break after the stress we were put into! I first made a google form to see who was interested, and which books I had picked the kids were into! Once I have that information, I am going to make a google classroom with just those kids in it. I went ahead and made a reading schedule for those that want to split the book up evenly. and am planning on two zoom discussions (one at the beginning and one at the end) as well as a few google classroom discussions. Im talking minimal discussion more so to talk about favorite parts, things we don't like, predictions and what we think so far. I didn't want to do too many zoom meetings because I want them to enjoy their summer, however if something exciting happens in the book and they want to meet, I am all up for it.

The books I picked were: The strangers, The Deceivers both by Margaret Peterson Haddix and The One and Only Bob by K.A. Applegate. It's mainly intended for fun for kids interested to be motivated to read, and to be able to talk books with peers. I felt like my kids were robbed of so much this year so thought they needed a little something extra fun. I know we teachers are burnt out from distance learning, but if anything it will force me to relax and read a few novels for fun. I am suggesting the kids buy the books if they are interested, I really don't want to put more work on myself, but if I am feeling it I might record myself...we will see. Below you can find my "schedule" I'll be sending as well as the letter I emailed them and parents. Obviously I deleted the link, but on the part that says click me is where I linked my google form.

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