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When You Aren't Feeling Creative

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

I don't know about you guys, but being stuck in my house for over a month has really got to me creatively. I feel unmotivated to create things, and when I have any down time at all I want to be as far away from my computer as possible, not working on it. Creating things for TPT used to be my escape from the daily things going on in my life, but now that all the things are online, it's really turned me off to all my creative thoughts. Not to mention, staying in the same space all day, does not promote creativity. Below are some things I use when I am feeling this way.

+ Find a Mentor

Find someone that inspires or motivates you! I have a select few of people that I really look up to. When I take a quick scroll through their feed and see all the wonderful things they are doing, it kicks my booty into high gear and gets me excited to create again. Just one or two in your back pocket that affect you in a positive way obviously. This can be such a fine line, make sure it is a positive mentor, not someone who is making you feel bad about yourself in any way.


Trust me when I say going for a run with your music blaring can sometimes give you the much needed clarity to get those wheels spinning. There is something truly powerful when you are left alone to your thoughts. I let all the things that were bugging me out,, which leaves room for all the positive vibes only.

+Go For a Walk

Same jist. I honestly go for 2-3 walks a day. I feel as though it breaks up my day, allows me to listen to my favorite podcast and gives me a break from the work or the craziness. It's also not strenuous like a workout so you're more likely to do it.

+Learn Something New

This one has been HUGE for me lately! When I am feeling extra bleh I love going on A Primary Kind of Life's instagram. To me, she is the google queen and always lights my spark. Whenever I see something cool, I play around with it for a few and suddenly my wheels turn and it's all I think about. My absolute new thing is jamboard and I cannot stop coming up with ideas with how to use it with distance learning. You can also take this opportunity and look up something on youtube! I can't tel you how many problems I have solved with just a quick google search.

+Buy Something New

This one might sound funny but is SO valid, let me 'splain. I was feeling blah last week and didn't feel like creating anything. I simply hopped on etsy and bought a few procreate brushes and it inspired me to work up a storm. Obviously these aren't something super expensive, and it was able to get that inspo flowin'

+Take a Break

Sometimes the best way to get inspired again, is to take a break. Whether that be closing down the computer/device or just going on a quick drive to starbucks. Sometimes when you stop thinking so hard on the subject at hand, the answer you are looking for will pop up. Often when I spend so much time doing something, it stops being fun and enjoyable. By taking a break, you are giving yourself time to find the joy in it again. Lastly. I love just putting do not disturb on my phone and just slipping away from my devices. Tech sometimes has a weird way of sucking the life out of us.

+Do One Thing For You

A more difficult thing during COVID as I would say go get your nails or hair did, so you have to get creative here. Many times I take a break and do something to better my house. I take pride in our home, and making it look great and homey. When I am feeling uncreative I like to walk around and move decor around in my house, clean out a space that needs organizing or even pick up the area around me. Often your brain feels like chaos because maybe you are surrounded by it without knowing. Also, by doing a little DIY project that has nothing to do with my usual routine of work is way more fun and inspires me in more ways than one.

+Move to a New Space

Another difficult feat (thanks COVID). With this, it might simply be a different spot in your house. Every week or so I move my workstation to a different area from the house. Sometimes it's the couch. Next it might be our office. On good days I even will go outside. Simply moving where you work sparks creativity and motivation and is a huge reason why I move my students in my class each month.

I hope these little tips help you as much as they help me! Lastly remember, it's okay to have a lull in your creativity, it is just a natural way of life. So when you are feeling that way, sometimes the best thing to do is just take it and know it wll bump back up when it's needed.

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