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What I put on my registry

If you are anything like me, you probably are stressing on all the things you will need for when the little one decides to make its way in the world! I am lucky and have a few friends that had babies and I instantly asked what their go to items were! Below I have a list for you of all the things they said were necessary, and after reading countless blogs, reviews and their advice found the best brands out there. (Just an fyi, I used BabyList for my registry as it was super easy to link things from all over and have it in one spot)

Sleep + Soothing

+ Water resistant mattress cover: These are softer than full blown water protected.

*pro tip put like three on the mattress and that way when an accident ensues you just take it off and there is already one already on there.

+ Miracle Swaddles: disregard all the cute swaddles this thing is heaven.

+ Sleeper nightgowns: I thought these were the ugliest things, but a lifesaver when it comes to night changes! When you're tired the last thing you want to do is unbutton a bunch of buttons.

+ Shusher: Yes it a $30 machine that just makes a shush sound, but you get so over making that sounds and this thing is legit.

+ Sound Machine: This sound machine is the best because you can control it from your phone. I loved that you could turn it on before you enter the room, and acts as a super cool night light! It's super customizable and you can set timers, and choose how long it plays for.

+ Baby Monitor: After looking through so many, I listened to my friends advice and got this one! I love it. The image is clear, has a long battery life, and has many settings and options. I also like how it has two way communication.

+ Pacifier: These are the best way to get your baby to self soothe! I love these little ones with the animals, or these ones.

+ DockAtot: do your research. This is known as a "supervised lounger" meaning it's a big no no to have your baby sleep in them like in the crib. I think they're great for them to hangout in, when you want to set them down, and even to train to sit up. They come in super cute patterns, I was obsessed with the pineapple but they ran out of stock so the leopardy one was a close second.

+ Bassionett If you want the baby to sleep in the same room as you! Just remember to be mindful of where they go in your room as if they are too close to you, they can actually smell your milk making it difficult for them to sleep.

+ Rocking Chair/Slider: I linked the one I got from Target, but I suggest you find one you love. You spend a lot of time here, and you want it to be comfortable. I also got a little pouf for my feet from TJ Max nothing crazy.

+ Humidifier: This just helps so the air isn't so dry for your little bundle of joy.


+ Breast Pump: FYI you can get your breast pump for FREE if you order it through your insurance! you can click here to see if you qualify, but nice to at least try and see! I was lucky and the brand I linked was on there!

+ Bottles: These are the best, by far!

+ Baby Bullet: You obviously won't need this for awhile, but every mom i've talked to said they are amazing! You can make your own baby food, and freeze he extras. Saves you a whole lot of money later down the road.

+ Bottle Warmer: seems boujee, but you'll thank me during those night feeds.

+ Drying Rack: Needing for washing those bottles.

+ Burp Cloths: Way more important than all the cute swaddles!

+Bibs: Buy more than you think are necessary. Nice soft ones to wear all the time as it will save you from changing outfits due to spit up! I like these, and these.

+ My Brest Friend nursing pillow: If you are choosing to nurse these are great as they help support the baby and just make nursing a bit more comfortable.

+ Boppy: Another alternative and these are great because they help prop the baby up later down the road so they can see the world.


+Tub: I love how this one grows with the baby. There is a little insert that you use when they are little, and you take out when they grow a little bigger!

+ Hooded Towels: These are great! Love either these from Bert's Bees or the ones from Target ( I got both because you can never have enough)

+ Wash cloths: These ones are great and super soft!

+ Shampoo: I love this stuff because it is super gentle


+ Hats: These are amazing and help keep your baby warm as heat escapes from the head.

Below I just named a few of my fave places for baby clothes

+ Old Navy: Super cheap and they always have the cutest prints for onesies and leggings

+ Target: Equally cute and oh so inexpensive

+ Pehr: I just love this little baby boutique and think they have the cutest/ softest clothes

+ Spearmint love: This company is actually where I got all the baby sheets from. They are a soft muslim and have the cutest prints! (Plus speaking of sheets buy a few sets)

+ Little Poppy co: Adorable baby accessories!

+ MilkBarn: Another boutique brand that have the softest onesies!

+ aden + anais: Super soft clothes! This is actually the company that I ended up buying the coming home outfit!


+ Changing pad: I decided to just make the dresser into a changing table, and bought this pad to use to make it easy! Target also has super cute changing pad covers by one of my favorite brands anais + aden

+ Changing Pad liners: I recommend getting these as well to go on top of your changing pad/cover.This will save you when there are leaks or blowouts, and the pads are much easier to clean!

+ Wipe Warmer: something boujee that I think is necessary as it makes the wipe not cold when you are changing diapers. This helps especially in the middle of the night so it doesn't shock them when you go to wipe.

+ Diaper Pail: Another thing that I guess isn't "needed" but for me necessary again for night changes when your tired and don't want to walk to the trash can.

+ Diapers: Duh! you need plenty of them! I am obsessed with Hello Bello by Kristen Bell and Jax. They are adorable, affordable and subscription based. I also liked that they were "clean". They had far better reviews than the Honest brand and have such cute little designs. (also I am obsessed with Kristen Bell so...I was sold) You can also do pampers subscription through Amazon!

Moving Around

+ Stroller: I went extreme boujee on the stroller but it was just so smooth and I loved how it grew with the baby. Definitely worth the money if you do splurge. I highly suggest you test run these before you commit to one.

+ Car seat: I got this car seat a love it. We were even lucky and someone gave us their base when they didn't need it anymore so we had two! This is key if you have more than one car as it makes switching so much easier. So if you can swing somehow getting two bases I recommend.

+ Mirror: So you can see your sweet love in the backseat.

+ Baby carrier:These are great! My husband especially is a fan

+ Solly Wrap: I also love baby wraps as they are so so soft and much easier to throw on for day to day or wearing around the house.

+ Outlet plugs: A go to. I liked these from Amazon because they were easy to take out of plug you use a lot.

+ Diaper Bag: Suggestion from my BFF "get something leather as it is way easier to wipe down and keep clean!" Her's was still in amazing condition after her first baby, while the cloth ones can get gross.


+ Swing: I suggest getting both as you don't know which one your little love bug is going to like more. Through all the reviews I scoured this darn puppy one is the number one rated swing.

+ Bouncer: I wanted something a bit more aesthetically pleasing so I went with this one.

+ Activity mat/gym: These are the best! They are entertaining and give them something fun to do during the day. I loved this one because it had a cute little sloth haha.

+ Floor Seat: I loved these way back when to my nannying days so I knew I wanted one when I finally had my own. These bad boys are soft, and stay in place which are so nice! (I got the taupe color because I am obsessed with all the neutral tones.

+ Walker: These are so fun because it allows them to be adventurous and keeps them very entertained!

**My aunt is a nurse and got me the most amazing essentials pack of baby meds (tylenol, gas relief, ect) nail clippers, lotion, and diaper rash cream and I thought that was the best! You definitely don't want to be making late night drives to the pharmacy if you don't have to!

I think this is everything! I also suggest telling your guests to get you a book instead of a card.I loved seeing what everyone got, and now I have a full library!

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