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Gift Guide for Him


My husband is super into whiskeys lately and these are just fun to add to the bar cart in order to make fun drinks and cocktails.


These are uber soft and comparable to Lululemon. I think they are softer and love to grab comfy shorts and joggers that he is going to b comfortable in.


My husband isn't much of a reader, but this one is a good psychological thriller. I always like to nab one book each year and this one seemed super interesting.


He has been going on and on on how he needs one this year. You can find knockoffs on amazon but I feel as though they don't work nearly as well. They also have ones for the tall skinny cans. This item is a must for me this year.

PRO V1 Golf Balls

My husband swears by these golf balls. They are his and his dads favorite and he is constantly buying them for his golfing sessions (because goodness knows its one of the only COVID friendly activities at the moment)


This is another great one if you want to elevate your cocktail game. We got a whole bunch last year for Christmas and it makes it super fun when you have friends come over to have the nice ice cubes.


Another Item my husband lives by. I think he has them in literally every color at the moment. why these are great? First of all, they look so sleek on every guy. My husband wears them to work, golfing and even to a more casual wedding. It's a super easy pant to throw on to look pulled together, but they are the softest pants he'll wear.


My husband is an active guy and loves fishing, hunting or even going up to the mountains. I love a good quilted flannel because they are warm but stylish. This one from amazon is pretty cheap and a good quality!

Other things to consider:


+ YouTube Premium

+ Hulu Premium

+ Spotify or Apple Music

+ Amazon Prime (I mean who doesn't have this already?)

When in doubt an Amazon or Home Depot gift card do wonders.

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