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Gifts for the Babe


I am obsessed with this brand and have the activity play gym for Lyla. These play kits are amazing because they send developmentally friendly toys every few months. I love it because then I don't struggle with what to get her, and each one comes with a booklet of ideas of what ti do with them at the age that they are!


Speaks for itself because who doesn't love sunglasses on a baby? These ones are great because they actually fit babies and are uber cute! I am getting Lyla white and black for Christmas!


Becasue gf is going to be eating solids in the next few months I wanted to add these to the holiday list as they are a must. What is great is the baby hand can go in and grab the snacks but nothing falls out because we all know kids love throwing things and putting them upside down.


I love these and think they are adorable because then kids have their own little place! You can customize them to say their name and there are so many styles and colors!


I have always wanted this set up since I saw it on Instagram one day! Get a mini inflatable pool and fill it with cheap pool balls from amazon. Instant entertainer for honestly not that expensive!


A must for babies and hardwood floors or honestly protecting your carpet. I love that this brand has so many amazing patterns that look like they go with the decor of my house!


A must as gf is sitting up and holding that little bobble head upright. She loves entertaining herself on her mat and I think this is going to be so fun especially because she is able to be awake and alert for so long (goodbye infant stage)


I just think these are super cute. They have indoor chair options too if you're wanting something more that vibe. Yes, there are way cheaper ones but I am a sucker for aesthetically pleasing baby items.

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