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home decor I always get questions on

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

I always get questions about the following items and just wanted a space to link them all for you! Most of the things I buy for my house I do plenty of research on to see if there is anything out there for cheaper. Amazon, Target, IKEA and are my go-to places to anything home decor. I also have been loving Urban outfitters (owned by the same company as Anthropologie for WAY cheaper)

1. Urban Outfitter Cushions; Worth every penny! These are so cute to place in your living room for floor seating.

2. IKEA Book Shelves: One of the amazing items from ikea that doesn't look like it's from ikea. These are so sturdy and great for a modern look.

3. IKEA picture ledge: I love these because they are just big enough so that you can put things other than picture frames on them. They also work break to hold books in a kids room

4. Butcher Paper Mount: This wall mount turned out way better than I expected. I ordered it off Amazon expecting it to be super small, but it was the perfect size and is great quality!

5. Woven Wall decor: I feel as these add a little modern detail to any empty wall or space

6. Woven Nook Pillow Cases: I love finding cheap pillows for my couches, and then upgrading the pillow cases. These ones on Amazon are super cute and make your pillows look way more expensive than they actually are.

7. Olive Oil Dispenser: These just look way better on your kitchen countertop than just having the regular old bottle out. Plus I feel like they pour so much better

8. Target Circle Mirrors: I no joke have three of these in my house. All different designs of course but they add so much to an entryway, bedroom or wall. I also love how inexpensive they are as mirrors are usually WAY above $100,

See them in action:

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