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Holiday Gift Guides

Updated: May 5, 2020

Gift Suggestions for girls (all under $30)

1. Girl, wash Your Face: Hands down a book that all women need to read. This book changed my life.

2. Soft Aerie Yoga pants: Yoga pants that are inexpensive, comfy and have pockets? Count me in!

3. Pink wine Tumbler: Think adult sippy cup. JK, but I am obsessed with these. I cannot have enough, and can even double as a coffee mug.

4. PJ Shorts & Top: Time to get rid of those mangy "PJ's" and upgrade to some cute and soft ones for a cheap price.

5. SIvan Ayla Nail Polish in Peach Gelato: As you can tell, neutrals are my fave, but this nail polish is literally one for the books. It is my go to.


Collection of gifts from $40 and under

1. Beard catcher: I feel like this is the gift you give to someone, in order to benefit yourself. However, saves them time cleaning up. LOL

2. Insulated Beer Koozie: These are great and look classy too!

3. Exploding Kittens: Probably our absolute favorite game on this planet. So fun and our go-to for any gathering.

4. Active Socks:No joke are my husbands go to. They are hardy, thick and come in millions of colors and designs.

5. Travis Mathews tee: There are so many different designs but I feel like these are the most bang for your buck. Super high quality and very soft!

6. Pour Over coffee Maker: My husbands new obsession. If you want to splurge you can nab the Chemex version, I linked the target brand for something a bit more affordable.

*Some items linked may have affiliate links

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